The Rundown In Sales: What Is It and How Can You Use It

If you’re involved in sales, you’ve probably come across the term “rundown” at some point. A sales rundown is a critical component of the sales process that helps sales professionals organize and prioritize their activities. However, if you’re new to the world of sales, you may still need to learn what is a rundown in sales, how it works, And how you can use it to close more deals. Keep reading to find out.

First, let’s understand the history of rundown in sales.

The term “rundown” first entered the sales world in the early 1900s with door-to-door salespeople. The salesperson would go door-to-door to promote their products, often carrying a briefcase filled with various items for sale. As they went from house to house, they would keep track of what they offered at each stop by creating a “rundown” or list of the products they had shown and sold.

Today, the term “rundown” still refers to a list or summary, but it is often used in sales presentations and pitches. During these meetings, the salesperson presents various products or services to the potential customer, keeping track of what they have presented in a rundown.

Now, Let’s understand the concept of rundown in sales in brief.

What Is A Rundown In Sales? 

In short, a rundown simply organizes all your information about a particular lead or client. This can include anything from basic contact information to notes about previous interactions. 

Creating a rundown means having a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about a lead or client. This way, you can easily reference any information you need without searching through piles of paperwork or old emails. 

A well-organized rundown can also help you track where a particular lead or client is in your sales funnel. This lets you quickly see which leads are ready to be contacted and which ones need more nurturing. 

Finally, having a rundown for your leads and clients can help you stay organized and prepared for calls and meetings. You are no more scrambling to find the correct information at the last minute! 

Now we know what is a rundown in sales, Let’s explore the purpose of a rundown in a business context.

What is a rundown in business?

In enterprise sales, a rundown is a concise and focused summary or outline of an event, project, meeting, or any other sales-related activity. A rundown aims to highlight the sales activity’s critical aspects or agenda items, ensuring that all necessary details are communicated clearly and efficiently.

Now, let’s learn to create a rundown in sales.

How To Create A Rundown In Sales

There are no set rules for creating a sales rundown, as it will vary depending on the products or services offered and the potential customer’s needs. However, some guidelines can help make your Rundown more effective.

First, make sure to list the products or services being offered. Include any key features or benefits that may interest the customer.

Next, prioritize the items in your Rundown based on what you think will most appeal to the customer. This can help guide the flow of your presentation and make it easier for the customer to decide.

Finally, include any special offers or discounts that may be available for the products or services in your Rundown. This can help incentivize the customer to make a purchase.

How Can Rundown In Sales Help You Close More Deals?

  • A rundown for your leads and clients lets you stay organized and prepared for calls and meetings, helping you close deals more efficiently.
  • It also helps track where each lead is in the sales funnel, better understanding which leads are ready to be contacted and which ones need more nurturing.
  • A well-organized rundown can give you the information and insight to close more deals. So start creating your rundowns today and see how it improves your sales success!

Creating and using a sales rundown can help increase your success in closing deals and reaching your sales goals. So start creating yours today!

Above, We’ve already covered the steps involved in creating a sales rundown; it’s time to explore how you can set up a rundown for your sales team.

How To Setup Rundown For Your Sales Team?

  • First, you’ll want to decide which information should be included in the Rundown. This can vary depending on your industry and specific sales process. Still, some everyday items are basic contact information, notes about previous interactions, current status in the sales funnel, and any relevant research or resources.
  • Next, choose a system for organizing your rundowns. This can be a physical folder or binder, an Excel spreadsheet, CRM software, or any other method that works for your team.
  • Then, create rundowns for your leads and clients and update them regularly with new information.
  • You may also want to establish a system for sharing rundowns within your team, so everyone is on the same page and can easily access necessary information.

By setting up a rundown system for your sales team, you can stay organized and prepared, ultimately leading to more successful closes. Start implementing this strategy today and watch your sales success improve.

Best CRM Softwares For Establishing Rundown For Your Sales Team

Choosing suitable CRM software for your sales team is crucial to streamline the sales process and enhance productivity. But, choosing one can be difficult and time-consuming. So, we have found some of the best CRM software options available to help you establish a rundown for your sales team.

Best CRM Softwares


Salesforce is one of the best tools for Rundown. It allows you to track leads, create tasks and appointments, set up sales pipelines, and collaborate with your team.


HubSpot is another popular option for organizing a sales team’s Rundown. It offers contact management, email tracking, task management, and reporting.

No matter which CRM software you choose, take advantage of its capabilities to streamline your sales team’s organization and success.


A sales rundown can improve organization and preparedness, leading to more successful closes. Decide which information to include in the Rundown, choose a system for organizing it, and update it regularly. Utilize CRM software to streamline this process. Start implementing a sales team rundown today and watch your success improve.

We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits and importance of a sales team rundown. Happy selling!

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