Restaurant Email Marketing: The Simplest Guide For 2023

The restaurant industry constantly evolves, so owners often need clarification about attracting new customers, retaining old patrons, and managing connections with food influencers.

One of the best ways to achieve these goals is through email marketing. It is one of the best cost-effective marketing tools to attract new customers and keep existing ones returning.

In this article, we will discuss what restaurant email marketing is in detail and why you should consider using it for your business.

And some of the best strategies for creating effective email campaigns and examples to help guide your efforts.

What Is Restaurant Email Marketing?

Email marketing for restaurants is a strategic approach to communicating with current and potential customers through email.

It involves using targeted lists of contacts and crafting personalized messages that resonate with recipients. It also helps in analyzing results to make data-driven decisions about future campaigns.

It is important to note that effective email marketing for restaurants goes far beyond simply blasting out promotional offers to your subscribers.

It involves taking a strategic and targeted approach to your communications, using proven tactics, and inviting subscribers to participate in other marketing efforts like online reviews and contests. Restaurant email marketing is a powerful tool for building customer relationships, promoting offers, and generating repeat business. By crafting engaging and personalized email campaigns, restaurants can effectively communicate with their audience and drive success in a competitive industry.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Using Email Marketing For Your Restaurant

There are many reasons why email marketing can be a valuable tool for restaurants. Some of the key benefits include:

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Sending regular emails to your customers can help build stronger connections and enhance loyalty for your restaurant business. By keeping your customers in the loop through emails, you can share updates on your latest menu items, promotions, and even customer testimonials. Expressing gratitude is also accessible by sending thank-you emails after any customer purchase, making your patrons feel appreciated.

Utilizing a feature like multi-send in your email marketing strategy allows you to communicate with a broader audience while maintaining a personal touch. This means you can reach more people efficiently, ensuring your messages are well-received and resonate with your customers. Ultimately, building these relationships through email communication can contribute to increased customer engagement, fostering a sense of loyalty vital for your restaurant’s success.

Promote Deals And Discounts

Restaurants often use email marketing to inform more people about their special deals and discounts on their menu items or services. Whether giving a discount to someone visiting for the first time or sending coupons to people who subscribe to their emails, email marketing is an excellent way for restaurants to share these exciting offers. The cool thing is it helps restaurants reach many people without spending too much money.

So, when you get an email from your favorite restaurant with a unique discount code or a coupon, it’s not just a random thing – it’s part of their intelligent email marketing strategy. They say, “Hey, we have some awesome deals going on, and we wanted you to know about it because you’re important to us.” That’s how email marketing can help restaurants spread the word about their great offers and keep customers excited about the menu.

Invite Subscribers To Events

Restaurants often have fantastic events and special promotions, like happy hour deals or special dinner events. A clever way for them to get more people to join in on the fun is by sending email invitations to their subscribers. If you get emails from your favorite restaurant, you might receive an invite to these exciting events.

Imagine opening an email and finding an invitation to a special dinner night or a happy hour with excellent discounts. It’s like your favorite restaurant gives you the VIP treatment by letting you know about these cool happenings.

When you get these invites, the restaurant hopes you’ll enjoy the event and share the news with your friends. It’s a fun way for restaurants to turn their subscribers into fans who help bring in more people and make the events even more enjoyable.

Best Strategy For Restaurant Email Marketing

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You can use several strategies to maximize your restaurant email marketing efforts. Some key steps include:

Write A Highly Click-Worthy Subject Line

Your restaurant email subject lines should be short and engaging, giving readers a clear sense of what they will get by opening the email.

It is one of the most critical components of any email, as it will determine whether or not your subscribers open your message.

Additionally, please focus on the follow-up email subject lines, too; it can be a significant reason for not getting conversions.

Avoid Bombarding Your Customers With Emails

As with any marketing, it is essential to be mindful of spam rules and regulations and subscriber preferences.

By being mindful of your emails’ frequency, relevance, and value, you can avoid bombarding your customers and instead build a positive relationship with them through your restaurant email marketing efforts. Quality, targeted, thoughtful communication will lead to better engagement and long-term customer satisfaction.

It means sending regular emails appropriately so your subscribers are calm and energized.

Send Emails At The Best Times

Timing is also essential in restaurant email marketing, as you want to be sure your messages are being sent out during periods of high engagement and low competition from other restaurants and businesses.

Depending on your target audience and customer base, this can vary, but some great times to send emails include around lunch and dinner or during special events and promotions.

Include A Personal Message

With so much email marketing, finding ways to connect with your subscribers on a more individual level is essential.

Adding a personal touch to your emails can help increase their effectiveness. It means using the recipient’s name and including other details that may be relevant, such as location or favorite menu items.

Use Photos To Make People Hungry

Photos are another great way to capture people’s attention and make them hungry. Incorporating tantalizing food photos in your restaurant email marketing strategy is a powerful way to engage with customers, create desire, and increase their chances of visiting or ordering from your establishment.

A great way to do this is by including mouth-watering food photos or other visuals that resonate with your audience and help to get them excited about eating at your restaurant. Visual appeal plays a significant role in enticing customers and creating a desire to visit a restaurant or order food.

Here are some details on how to incorporate mouthwatering photos in your restaurant email marketing strategy:

  • High-Quality Food Photography
  • Showcasing Signature Dishes
  • Close-Up Shots and Details
  • Seasonal and Limited-Time Specials
  • Creative Food Styling
  • Lifestyle and Contextual Imagery
  • Use Mouthwatering Descriptions

Welcome Your Customers

One of the essential elements in email marketing for restaurants is to welcome new subscribers and show them that you appreciate their interest in your business.

You can do this by sending a warm “welcome” note to people who sign up or make a purchase. It can help you build a strong connection with new contacts and encourage them to return. A warm and personalized welcome through email can set the stage for a memorable dining experience and foster long-term customer relationships.

  • Use your customer names in the email subject line or greeting to create a personalized touch.
  • Let them know that their presence is essential to you and that you genuinely appreciate their business.
  • Take the opportunity to showcase what sets your restaurant apart. Whether it’s your farm-to-table ingredients, award-winning chef, stunning ambiance, or exceptional customer service, emphasize these unique selling points to excite customers about their dining experience.
  • Provide information about what customers can expect when they visit your restaurant. Mention any special services, such as valet parking, outdoor seating, live music, or dietary accommodations.
  • Introduce critical members of your team, such as the head chef, sommelier, or restaurant manager. Sharing a brief background and expertise can establish a personal connection.
  • Provide a special welcome offer or discount exclusively for new customers.
  • Include a clear call to action in your email, such as making a reservation, exploring your menu, or placing an online order.

Tempt Inactive Contacts With Special Offers

If you have subscribers who have yet to open or click on your emails, consider sending them special offers or incentives to get them back in the game.

It can help keep your list active and engaged while encouraging repeat visits to your restaurant.

  • Segment your email list to identify contacts who last engaged with your emails or visited your restaurant a while ago.
  • Grab the attention of inactive contacts with intriguing subject lines that highlight the special offer or exclusive deal.
  • Offer exclusive discounts, freebies, or special promotions tailored explicitly for inactive contacts. This can be a percentage off their next meal, a complimentary appetizer or dessert, or a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal.
  • Create a sense of urgency by making the offer time-sensitive.
  • Highlight the exciting updates about your restaurant, such as new menu items, chef’s specials, or upcoming special events.

Include Contact Information In An Email

Always include precise contact details in your email marketing messages to make it easy for your subscribers to reach out and connect.

It can include your restaurant’s physical address, phone number, website URL, or other relevant information. Place this information prominently so it is easy to find.

Use The Email Signature To Your Advantage

Remember that the end of each email allows you to communicate even more about your restaurant.

Consider including a short tagline or call to action as of your email signature, which will help keep your brand top-of-mind and encourage people to take action.

Automate Your Emails

Do maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your restaurant email marketing strategy. It is crucial to automate as much of your email process as possible.

It can include setting up automated welcome messages, workflow triggers, and other systems that help streamline the process and make managing your list more manageable.

Analyze The Results

Continually optimize your email marketing efforts. It is essential to analyze and track the results of your campaign.

It can include everything from open and click-through rates to subscriber engagement levels and conversion metrics, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy over time.

With the right tools and strategies, restaurant email marketing can help you connect with more customers and grow your business for years.

Some Of The Best Email Marketing Software For Restaurants Are :


Mailchimp offers advanced features and tools that simplify creating great-looking emails and tracking essential metrics.


Benchmark makes creating and sending customized emails to your restaurant customers easy. It offers a range of features to help you grow your business smoothly.


Convertkit’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create engaging emails, and its advanced features help you optimize your restaurant marketing campaign for maximum impact.


I hope you understand why email marketing is a powerful tool for restaurants and why it is essential for owners to consider their email strategy carefully.

Whether you are just starting or looking to optimize your existing efforts, this strategy can help you achieve your goals and improve your business.

If you have any doubts about restaurant email marketing or want to learn more about creating an effective strategy for success, feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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