Best Email Lookup Tools For Your Business

Looking for ’email lookup tools?’ let’s get started. For businesses, email lookup often becomes essential. Be it because they want to contact someone but need the contact details or need them for their marketing campaigns. Hence, having people’s email addresses is essential whether you are a salesperson, marketer, or businessman.

Most people have their email IDs listed on online platforms, which are easy to find. You must do extra hard work for the others yet to be listed. On that note, here we have the top email lookup tools that can help you out:

But, Before that, let’s understand the basics of it, such as:

What Are Email Lookup Tools?

Email lookup tools are online services or software applications that allow users to search for information associated with an email address. These tools can be used to find details about the owner of an email address, such as their name, location, social media profiles, and other relevant information.

Email Lookup Tools?
Email Lookup Tools

Now let’s understand how it works:

How Do Email Lookup Tools Work?

Email lookup tools use various data sources and algorithms to search for and compile information associated with a specific email address. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how these tools typically work:

  1. Input: The user provides the email address they want to investigate through the email lookup tool’s interface or search field.
  2. Data Retrieval: The email lookup tool starts by searching its database, which may include previously collected information from public sources and other users’ contributions. This internal database is regularly updated to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the information.
  3. Data Aggregation: If the tool doesn’t find the desired information in its internal database, it proceeds to gather data from various external sources. These sources can include publicly available directories, social media platforms, public records, data brokers, and other online databases.
  4. Data Analysis: Once the email lookup tool has gathered relevant information, it analyzes and processes the data to create a comprehensive profile. This involves extracting and cross-referencing data points such as the email owner’s name, age, location, social media accounts, employment details, and any other available information.
  5. Algorithmic Matching: The tool employs algorithms to match and correlate the retrieved information to the provided email address. It utilizes data patterns, similarities, and various identifiers to establish connections and determine the accuracy of the data.
  6. Data Presentation: The email lookup tool presents the compiled information to the user in a structured format. This can include displaying the name, location, social media links, and other details associated with the email address. Some tools may also provide a reputation score or flag if the email address has been associated with spam or fraudulent activities.
  7. Real-Time Updates: As new information becomes available or the user requests a fresh search, the email lookup tool may update its database and re-run the search to provide the most up-to-date results.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Email LookUp Tools

Benefits Of Email Lookup Tools:

  1. Information Verification: Email lookup tools can help verify the legitimacy and accuracy of an email address by providing details about the owner. This can be useful in ensuring you communicate with the intended recipient and do not fall victim to phishing or scam attempts.
  2. Enhanced Communication: Email lookup tools can provide additional context about the person behind an email address, such as their social media profiles or professional background. This information can help establish rapport, tailor communication, or gain insights into the person’s interests and preferences.
  3. Streamlined Marketing and Sales: Email lookup tools can benefit marketing and sales teams. They can assist in lead generation and customer profiling by providing demographic information and social media links associated with email addresses. That enables targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication.
  4. Prevention of Spam and Fraud: Email lookup tools can identify if an email address has been previously reported as spam or associated with fraudulent activities. This information can help users exercise caution and avoid engaging with potentially harmful or suspicious emails.
  5. Investigative and Research Purposes: Email lookup tools can be valuable for investigative purposes, such as gathering information about individuals, organizations, or specific email addresses. Researchers, journalists, or legal professionals can utilize these tools to uncover relevant information and establish connections.

Drawbacks Of Email Lookup Tools:

  1. Data Accuracy Limitations: The accuracy of information provided by email lookup tools may vary. The data is sourced from different databases and public records, which may contain outdated or incorrect information. Users should exercise caution and verify the accuracy of the information through additional sources when necessary.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Using email lookup tools raises privacy concerns as personal information associated with email addresses is accessed and displayed. The availability of such information may infringe upon individuals’ privacy rights, especially if they have not consented to disseminate their data.
  3. Reliance on Publicly Available Information: Email lookup tools primarily rely on publicly available data sources, which may need more or more complete information. The tool may not provide full results if an individual has actively maintained their privacy settings or restricted online presence.
  4. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Email lookup tools must comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. It’s essential to ensure that the tool’s usage aligns with legal requirements and respects individuals’ rights to privacy. Using these tools for unlawful purposes or stalking individuals can have severe legal consequences.
  5. Limited Scope: Email lookup tools are designed to provide information associated with email addresses, but they may only cover some aspects of a person’s life or provide a complete profile. The information provided may be limited to publicly available data and may not reflect the entirety of an individual’s identity or background.

Certainly! Now that we have discussed what it is? Its benefits and drawbacks, let’s explore some of the available options in the market along with their respective prices.

10 Email LookUp Tools is an excellent option for you if you primarily make account-based sales. It comes with bulk search features, which help to accelerate the outreach process. The only downside of the bulk email finder is that it only includes the email addresses, not the names and company names, which is not a big deal. Additionally, it comes with CSV export compatibility, through which you can easily download your search results.

The best part about Hunter is that it has many integrations, and almost all email marketing tools offer Hunter integration with it. That is probably why it is among the costliest email lookup tools.

Pricing Structure pricing structure
Source: Hunter is one of the best email lookup tools and has many other features for email marketing. It is the perfect CRM tool that will help you in contact management and cold outreach. It’s one of the automated tools that do most of your tasks. It offers various email searches like single and bulk email searches, Social media URL searches, Domain searches, and company profile searches.

This tool does offer email verification so that you don’t have to worry if the emails are genuine. However, It has various pricing options, such as;

Pricing Structure pricing structure


FindThatLead comes next, which is another famous tool for looking up genuine emails with a single click. This simple tool has a very user-friendly UI, specially designed for beginners. Just enter the company’s name, and it will show you the list of the people within the company. And, of course, there is an email verification feature, so you don’t need to worry about the emails.

Pricing Structure

findthatlead Pricing Structure
Source: Findthatlead


Email is one of the most user-friendly and accurate tools for email lookup with a tagline of ‘Yellow Pages of email,’ which clearly describes what it does.

This tool comes with a web app along with Chrome Extension options. These tools can help you find the emails of hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs directly from the web app, LinkedIn, or domain search from their websites. Additionally, it comes with CRM integrations and bulk email finding and verification.

Pricing Structure Pricing Structure
Source: find that.Email

Voilá Norbert

Voilá Norbert is another email finder and verifier tool. It has many features, but what makes it different is its easy-to-use user interface. You can find the email address and other contact details through the B2B companies and professionals database. Just input the names and companies; this intelligent tool will deliver the best results. Voilá Norbert also searches for the LinkedIn and other social media handles of people and companies.

Pricing Structure

voila norber Pricing Structure
Source: Voila norbert

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is the email lookup tool that comes into our list and will help you quickly contact any professional or entity within a couple of clicks, even if you don’t know their names. Anymail Finder checks millions of web pages with direct server validations. So you don’t have to worry about some suspicious results. Here, you even have the option to export data in CSV format.

Pricing Structure

anymail finder Pricing Structure
Source: AnyEmail Finder


Minehead is another free tool made to help small businesses grab a good position in the market. It’s a free tool, and you can access almost all the features for free. Just put the domain and take out all the emails connected to the domain.

This tool also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox for ease of use.

Pricing Structure

Minehead Pricing Structure
Source: MineLead


Leadgibbon is one of the most famous email finder tools available. Several well-known companies, such as Google, Paypal, Apple, etc., use this tool as their go-to B2B lead database. It’s one of the fastest tools and has excellent feedback as well. It can easily find people’s emails from any position in any company.

It also offers a LinkedIn extension, which helps find emails from Linkedin with just one click.

Pricing Structure

leadgibbon Pricing Structure
Source: leadgibbon


Rocketreach is an email finder tool with a vast user base of 8.4 million users.

This tool offers a complete package of every vital feature you need. It packs everything you need, from advanced search, bulk lookups, and Email verification to Chrome extensions for ease of use and integrations with apps like HubSpot, Salesforce, and leading CRMs.

Every time you search, this tool checks for 450 million verified professionals and 17 million companies. Hence, you don’t have to worry about suspicious results.

Pricing Structure

rocketreach Pricing Structure
Source: Rocketreach

Aero leads

AeroLeads is the last tool on our list, which comes with a straightforward, user-friendly UI and is trusted by 60,000 B2B experts. This tool helps you get complete information, including name, company name, email, and other contact details. This tool easily lets you find business from LinkedIn, which is a plus point.

Furthermore, this tool has integration with apps and CRMs. Hence, you can easily export data to Hubspot CRM, Freshsales, Zoho CRM, and more.

Pricing Structure

Aero leads Pricing Structure
Source: Aeroleads


We have provided you with the required information about the email lookup or email finder tools you were looking for. As there is a large ocean of such tools, we have tried and tested most of them and found the above names provide the best value. All the above tools come with a Chrome extension tool and a free trial to fulfill your doubts regarding any of them.

Furthermore, if you have any doubts regarding the above tools, let us know in the comment section below.

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