5 SEO Content Writing Strategies For Better Ranking In Google SERPs

Internet marketing and freelancing have grown significantly, with content writing being a highly sought-after service. To succeed in this competitive field, implementing effective content writing strategies incorporating SEO is crucial.

However, many writers underestimate the complexity of creating and implementing SEO content writing strategies. Extensive research is necessary to ensure the success of your customers’ investments.

In this blog, we will show all those strategies to give you an easy way to succeed. You only need to read this blog till the end and try to understand every step properly to keep your investment and time safe.

So, let’s begin with the basics:

What Does The Term “Content Writing Strategies” Mean?

Content writing strategies encompass the structured and purposeful methods employed to produce written content that aligns with a business or brand’s goals and objectives. It involves developing a well-thought-out plan to effectively create and deliver content that resonates with the target audience and serves the overall marketing and communication objectives of the organization.

Content Writing Strategies

It involves defining the target audience, understanding their needs and preferences, conducting research, and developing a plan to create relevant, valuable, and engaging content.

Why Is It Important To Make An SEO Content Writing Strategy?

Before we take you to our foolproof writing strategies list, you should know why it is essential. You can’t focus on learning without knowing the importance of content writing strategies.

SEO content writing is a must-have thing when looking to rank in the top results of SERPs. You need to secure a higher position to get better exposure to internet users.

According to research by Statista, around 4.6 billion people are using the internet worldwide. But the number of visitors who move towards the second page of SERP to get their desired audience is much lower than this.

Therefore, you need to rank in the top results to engage the audience with your website and generate huge revenue. Around 2.7 billion blog posts are published every day on the internet.

It is not easy to rank even in the first 100 results if you have not focused on SEO in such a condition. The best thing is to create SEO content writing strategies before you get to work and look for your business’s success.

Due to all the above reasons, you need to focus on SEO and create a content writing strategy that won’t harm your business integrity.

Top Foolproof SEO Content Writing Strategies To Rank In SERP

Whenever you search on the internet for content writing strategies that won’t harm your SEO, too, you will get multiple results. By reading those blogs, you might be confused about which will work for you and which you must avoid.

You don’t want to waste your time or investment by implementing the wrong strategies. Therefore, we are here with those foolproof content strategies that we have tested on our platforms. Let’s look at these steps to get an idea of all the beneficial content-writing strategies for your success.

Write SEO Optimized Content

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is that your content should be SEO optimized. It is not wrong to say that it is the backbone of all content writing strategies.

You should learn the SEO basics for this task to implement in your writing. It does not matter whether you are looking for a blog post or content for an e-commerce store; you should optimize your content before publication.

One of the most critical factors regarding content that you can say is part of SEO dimensions is uniqueness. No doubt, it does not seem to be part of this field at first, but you might be surprised to know that unique content is part of the list of 200 factors of SEO.

Therefore, you should write unique content on all your desired topics. You should check for plagiarism after completing the writing process through a tool to get surety.

In turn, you will be able to know whether your content has found matches from the internet or not. So, you can easily remove copied or matched lines or rewrite them as you desire.

Also, if you don’t know whether the written content is SEO optimized, you can use different tools for this task. One of the most used tools in this regard is Yoast SEO. You can get an account with this tool or add a plugin to your website to keep checking before publishing the content.

Target Multiple Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes we make while creating content writing strategies is targeted keywords. Most of us only focus on one keyword or related short phrases to rank in SERPs.

No doubt, it was an effective strategy in the past when Google ranks those pages that have repeated keywords. Now, the search engine algorithm is smart enough to understand whether you are doing keyword stuffing or providing information.

To keep your website on the right track to gaining a top position in SERP, you should not keep writing a single phrase throughout the content. You should target LSI keywords and related long-tail keywords too.

It will help you to get ranked regarding different keywords. According to Backlinko, LSI is one of the most essential parts of your keyword research part of SEO.

So, you should expand the keyword research based on the main keyword. For this task, you can use the free tool offered by Google named Google keyword planner. It will provide hundreds of LSI keywords with search volume and other details. However, there are several tools available in the market, such as:

Keyword Research Tools:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. SEMrush, etc.

Enhance Readability

You can’t ignore the engagement rate when ranking in the top position. Simply put, we are talking about the time a visitor will spend on your website or a specific page after browsing it.

You will face weird outcomes if you do not focus on this factor. It is because the visitors will leave your spot and move to any other website as they have multiple options available on the internet.

You can know about available choices by looking at the number of websites. According to internet live stats, more than 2 billion websites are active.

In such a huge competition, grabbing a person’s attention won’t be easy if you have lost it once. So, we recommend you keep your audience engaged with you when they have reached your website.

For this task, you should write your content in easy-to-understand English without using complex words. Also, checking your content’s grammar before publishing it on your website is essential.

By doing this, you can provide helpful information to your readers, increasing the chances of recommendations to your platform. Remembering this while creating content writing strategies for any of your concerned SEO projects is also essential.

Internal And External Linking

Internal and external linking is crucial in content writing strategies, just like targeting multiple keywords. While targeting multiple keywords helps expand the reach of your content, internal and external linking enhances its overall SEO value.

Internal and external link

Internal linking involves linking relevant internal pages or articles within your content. By incorporating internal links, you guide users to related information on your website, improve website navigation, and encourage users to explore your content more. Additionally, internal linking helps search engine crawlers discover and index other pages on your site, enhancing your overall website authority.

On the other hand, external linking refers to including authoritative external links to credible sources within your content. You provide additional context and credibility to your content by linking to reputable websites and sources. Search engines view external links to trusted sources as a signal of quality and relevance, contributing to improved search rankings.

Add Featured Snippet

Another important thing you must remember while writing on any topic is the featured snippet. It is a specific part of your website or blog that Google will show on the top in case of your concerned query.

Being an internet user, you must have seen the answer to your queries like the following picture. It is a featured snippet that Google will manually pick from your content or blog.

You only need to directly answer the query in a few lines. If you are writing a listing article, you should add a list separately of all your concerned tools in addition to a brief description.

All such types of direct answers will act as a featured snippets. According to research, Google ranks featured snippets just after the paid ads display in the SERPs if available against that specific query.

So, you can say that it would be a golden opportunity for you to rank in higher results by adding a featured snippet. Some SEO experts consider it the most crucial factor when they are planning to create content writing strategies.

Deep Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

However, you should not ignore your competitor when looking to get a higher rank in SERP. Without knowing with whom you are competing, you can’t design content writing strategies or implement them on your website.

Therefore, you need to look deeply at your competitor’s performance. You should not use tools for SEO audit or backlinks data extraction in this task. But you should also do a manual analysis to look at the content they have uploaded.

It will give you an idea of what type of structure your content must have. For instance, if your opponent is not using a featured snippet answer but thinks it can be added, it would be a golden chance for you to do this.

In turn, you will be able to beat the rank of that website and rank on the above positions. Similarly, you will find many other content improvements that you can do to get the top rank. Overall, the competitor’s analysis would be better than almost anything when you are looking to create content writing strategies.

Continuous Monitoring And Optimization

Last but not least, Continuous monitoring and optimization play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of your content writing strategies, similar to targeting multiple keywords.

Once you publish your content, the work doesn’t end there. Monitoring its performance using analytics tools and gathering insights on organic traffic, keyword rankings, user behavior, and other relevant metrics is essential. This continuous monitoring allows you to evaluate your content’s success and identify improvement areas.

Optimization, on the other hand, involves making necessary adjustments and refinements based on the data-driven insights you gather. By analyzing the performance data, you can identify keywords driving the most traffic and focus on optimizing your content further for those keywords. You can also identify gaps or areas where your content may be underperforming and optimize it accordingly.

Can AI Content Writing Completely Replace Human Content Writing?

While AI content writing has advanced significantly in recent years, it is unlikely to completely replace human content writing. AI technology can generate content quickly and efficiently but lacks the creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence humans possess.

Human content writers can understand complex concepts, interpret nuances, and inject unique perspectives into their writing. They can adapt their tone, style, and voice to resonate with specific audiences and evoke emotions. Human writers are adept at storytelling and crafting compelling narratives that engage and captivate readers.

Furthermore, content writing often requires deep domain knowledge, industry expertise, and the ability to conduct in-depth research. Human writers can bring their experiences and insights to create well-researched, authoritative content that addresses specific audience needs and provides value.

While AI can assist in generating content ideas, proofreading, or automating specific repetitive tasks, human content writers continue to play a vital role in creating content that resonates with readers on a deeper level. The combination of human creativity and AI-powered tools can lead to more effective and impactful content strategies.


What Role Does Storytelling Play In Content Writing Strategies?

Storytelling plays a crucial role in content writing strategies as it helps captivate and engage the audience, evoking emotions and creating a memorable experience that resonates with readers.

How Can Content Writing Strategies Be Adapted For Voice Search?

To adapt content writing strategies for voice search, focus on conversational language, natural language phrases, and long-tail keywords that align with how people speak when using voice assistants, optimizing for featured snippets and concise answers.

Summarizing Up

In the above lines, we have discussed the top foolproof SEO content writing strategies you can follow. By doing this, you will be able to get your desired rank in SERP and get exposure to a vast audience.

We recommend you follow these practices if you seek better outcomes from your hard work. It would benefit you to write content with the above guidelines that will rank in a search engine to provide better outcomes.

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