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LinkedIn is a treasure trove of professional connections, making it a prime platform for networking and business development. While connecting and engaging with professionals is the essence of LinkedIn, there are ways to extend your outreach through email.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to get email addresses from LinkedIn through legitimate means and introduce you to the concepts of LinkedIn email lookup and LinkedIn email scraper tools.

How To Find Email Addresses On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professional networking and outreach, but one common challenge users face is obtaining email addresses to connect with their connections outside of the platform.

Using the “Contact Info” Section

LinkedIn provides users with a “Contact Info” section where they can voluntarily share their contact details, including their email address. Here’s how to access this information:

  • Visit the Profile: Navigate to the LinkedIn profile of the person whose email address you want to obtain.
Linkedin screenshot of a profile
  • Check the “Contact Info” Section: Scroll down the user’s profile page until you find the “Contact Info” section. If they’ve made their email address visible to connections, it will be listed there.
Linkedin screenshot of contact Info.
  • Send a Connection Request: If you’re not already connected with the person, consider sending them a personalized connection request explaining why you want to connect. Once they accept your bid, you can access their email address.
  • Message Them: Once connected, you can send a polite and professional message to introduce yourself and express your interest in joining further.

Connecting and Messaging

Another effective way to obtain email addresses from LinkedIn is through the process of connecting and messaging. Here’s how to approach this:

  1. Send a Connection Request: Find the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to connect with and send them a connection request. Ensure that your request includes a personalized message explaining why you want to join and how you can mutually benefit from the connection.
  2. Engage in Meaningful Conversations: After your connection request is accepted, engage in meaningful conversations through LinkedIn’s messaging feature. Build rapport by discussing common interests, industry-related topics, or professional goals.
  3. Request Their Email Address: Once you’ve established a professional relationship and feel that it’s appropriate, you can politely request their email address. Be transparent about your intentions and explain how having their email address would be beneficial for both parties.
  4. Respect Their Decision: It’s essential to respect their decision, whether they choose to share their email address or not. Do not press or insist if they are not comfortable providing this information.
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10 Best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

LinkedIn email finder tools can be valuable for finding and reaching out to potential business contacts or leads. However, it’s essential to use such tools ethically and in compliance with LinkedIn’s terms of service.

Hunter (formerly known as Email Hunter):

Hunter is a widely used tool that helps you find email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. It also provides a verification feature to ensure the accuracy of the emails.

It is commonly used by professionals in sales, marketing, and recruitment for lead generation, email outreach, and communication. Users can perform domain searches to discover email addresses associated with a particular organization. This is helpful for building targeted contact lists for outreach campaigns. offers an email finder tool that integrates with LinkedIn. It not only finds emails but also verifies them and provides a Chrome extension for convenient use.

It provides a feature for creating and managing email marketing campaigns. Users can design email templates, schedule email sends, and track campaign performance, including open rates and click-through rates.

Find That Email:

This tool helps you find email addresses, including LinkedIn profile emails. It also offers verification services and a Chrome extension.

Users can perform bulk searches to find email addresses for multiple individuals or companies at once. This feature is particularly useful for large-scale lead generation efforts.


Skrapp specializes in finding email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It also provides a Chrome extension and a robust verification system.

Users can input the name of the person or the company domain, and Skrapp will attempt to provide valid email addresses.


Lusha is a contact information finder tool that can help you find emails, phone numbers, and more from LinkedIn profiles. It integrates with LinkedIn and other platforms.

It is a tool and browser extension that serves as a valuable resource for professionals, particularly those in sales and marketing roles.

Clearbit Connect:

Clearbit Connect is an email finder tool that provides information about leads and can be integrated with LinkedIn. It offers data enrichment features.

It is a popular email productivity tool and browser extension designed to enhance your email communication by providing valuable information about your contacts and prospects right in your email inbox. It integrates with various email clients, including Gmail and Outlook, to help users gather insights and streamline their communication.

Find That Lead

Find That Lead allows you to find email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles and other websites. It also offers domain search functionality.

It is primarily used by sales and marketing professionals for lead generation and outreach purposes. While tools like Find That Lead can be useful for finding contact details, it’s important to use them in compliance with applicable privacy laws and ethical standards. Always ensure that you have a legitimate reason to contact individuals and respect their privacy preferences.

Additionally, the accuracy of the contact information provided by such tools may vary, and not all profiles may have associated email addresses or other contact details.


Nymeria is known for its LinkedIn email-finding capabilities. It offers a Chrome extension and email verification services.


RocketReach is a lead generation tool that provides email addresses and contact information. It integrates with LinkedIn and other platforms to find contacts.

To use it, you typically need to enter the name of the person or the company you’re trying to find contact information for, and the platform will attempt to provide you with the relevant email addresses and contact details associated with that individual or organization.


ContactOut is a Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It claims to have a high accuracy rate.

It is designed to help recruiters, sales professionals, and others looking to connect with or reach out to potential candidates, leads, or business contacts. ContactOut is a browser extension that can be added to your web browser, and it provides access to contact information from LinkedIn profiles.

The Benefits Of LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

LinkedIn email finder tools can offer several benefits for professionals and businesses when used ethically and within the platform’s terms of service. Here are some of the advantages of using LinkedIn email finder tools:

Efficient Lead Generation & Targeted Outreach

Lead Generation Concept

LinkedIn email finder tools can help you quickly identify and collect contact information for potential leads, clients, or connections. This can save you time compared to manual research.

By finding email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles, you can send targeted and personalized messages directly to individuals who match your criteria or business needs.

Increased Response Rates & Networking Opportunities

An errow  and wooden homes presenting Increased Response Rate

Reaching out via email can be more effective than LinkedIn InMail or connection requests for some individuals. Email allows you to craft detailed and personalized messages, potentially leading to higher response rates.

These tools can help you expand your professional network by connecting with individuals outside your immediate LinkedIn connections. You can reach out to industry experts, decision-makers, and potential collaborators.

Sales and Business Development

Boost your Business Concept With errow

For sales professionals and businesses, LinkedIn email finder tools can be valuable for reaching out to potential clients, partners, or investors. You can identify decision-makers and initiate conversations.

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Concept

HR professionals and recruiters can use these tools to identify and contact potential job candidates, making the hiring process more efficient.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Concept Graphics

For marketing purposes, you can use LinkedIn email finder tools to build targeted email lists for email marketing campaigns, webinars, or other promotional activities.


Obtaining email addresses from LinkedIn can be a valuable strategy for lead generation, networking, and business development.

Building genuine relationships on LinkedIn remains essential. The goal is not just to acquire email addresses but to engage with other professionals and provide value to your connections. Crafting personalized and relevant messages is key to fostering positive interactions and building trust.


Q1. How can I improve my response rate when reaching out via email on LinkedIn?

Craft personalized and relevant messages, establish a professional tone, and clearly communicate the purpose of your message to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Q2. Does LinkedIn provide any premium features for contacting users outside my network?

Yes, LinkedIn offers premium features like InMail, which allows you to send messages to LinkedIn users you’re not connected with. These features may require a subscription.

Q3. What is LinkedIn’s policy on email address sharing?

LinkedIn discourages the sharing of email addresses without consent. Users should respect each other’s privacy and use LinkedIn’s communication features appropriately.

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